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As Pandora's Claire Fanning stated, "the fact that audio is critical is well-established at this point. Now, our buyers just want to know what to do."

No one can argue at this point that sound is one of the primary ways brands are forging deep and lasting relationships with consumers. But as the market continues to explode, complexity on the best way to navigate it abounds. Veritonic's head of International, Damian Scragg, brings forward the insight -- and new data -- that reveals the path forward for brands.

From the ever-burgeoning podcast market to the commands you speak to your car, sound continues to assert its dominion over the marketing world. But while marketers understand that now is the time to capitalize on the massive opportunity that is audio, most are still looking for guidance on what exactly they need to do.

The roadmap, as always, is built on data. With answers to critical questions each step of the way -- are my competitors investing more in podcasting than radio? Which creative is resonating the most with my target customer? etc. -- the brand’s path is clear.

Join Damian Scragg, General Manager, International at Veritonic, the audio intelligence platform, for a masterclass that reveals where success comes from in the next wave of audio marketing.
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  1. Market movements that portend the exponential growth of audio
  2. What end-to-end audio measurement needs to encompass for success
  3. Which brands are leading in audio marketing now
  4. What the most successful audio creative is made of

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Damian Scragg GM Veritonic

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