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The deprecation of third party cookies and mobile ad ID5 has forced the industry to redefine one of its core capabilities: how we identify users in order to personalise messages and measure campaign performance. This has led to the rise of different approaches that aim to provide efficient and privacy-compliant identification solutions. Join this panel discussion to learn more about these methods and to find out how we can build an identity infrastructure that benefits brands, publishers, and consumers.

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. Discover how brands and publishers think about Identity in programmatic advertising
  2. Learn how to build an approach to Identity that works for consumers and for the industry
  3. Get a better understating of the different solutions and approaches developed to solve the identity challenges

Presented with


Joanna Burton Chief Strategy Officer ID5
Chris Keenan VP Commercial, UK MediaMath
Amber Tomlinson Director, DSP Sales and Accounts Magnite
Lauren Dick Director, Business Development Mail Online
Oliver Walker VP, Digital Analytics Merkle EMEA

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Event Type Episode

Track  Future of MarTech