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This episode will discuss the advancement of technology and how it has impacted the marketing process, allowing for more ideas and touchpoints with the consumers. What more can be done through this new technology and how it can be used further to simplify the communication chain while delivering more focused and effective campaigns?

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. The effects the Covid-19 pandemic has had on the communication industry as a whole.
  2. What are the trending brands/sectors in advertising today and aid in identifying what clients/advertisers need in terms of advertising, and how technology is affecting/supporting sales efforts for TV?
  3. Latest solutions in the world of technology with clear focus on the advertising business.
  4. Social Media taking advantage of technological advancement to compete with traditional media.
  5. What is OMNES Media and Advert on Click added value to advertising?

Presented with


Mohammad Shihadah Co-Chairman AppTek
Chris Burns Journalist, multilingual moderator Burnstorm Communications
Pippa Scaife Senior Commercial Director, Digital Revenue Strategy CNN
Tom Roche VP of Digital Commercial Strategy Euronews

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Event Type Episode

Track  Future of MarTech