Shu Imanishi

Joined Coca-Cola Japan in 2003, and he rose to Sales.

Promotion Group and to Brand Manager of the Coca Cola brand.
He developed brand campaigns utilizing global assets such as the Olympics, such as the dance competition centered project during the London Olympics that contributed greatly to increase in sales from the teen demographic.

Since 2014 he oversees the IMC Connection Planning & Media Team, and by the 2016 Rio Olympics, he realized the usage of a TV, digital, events and product holistic package that includes the key five broadcasters allowing moment/topic specific original TVC's to be aired.

His last job in 2016 and first job in 2017 was being put in charge of the New year’s eve "countdown event" at Shibuya, Tokyo, sending a warm “Happy New Year!” from the Coca Cola brand to all 600,000 revelers.

The team manages all media investment, while developing reach models combining traditional and digital medias, called the "Right message, right moment" media planning.