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As walled gardens continue to emerge, it’s easy to become siloed within these environments and accept a fragmented approach to data enrichment, targeting and measurement. But what if companies moved to a “garden of gardens?”

The resurgence of data clean rooms enables companies to not only operate in this new reality but improve upon the antiquated third-party based practices. We’ll explore why a clean room should be part of every advertiser’s technology strategy.

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  1. Walled gardens continue to grow and proliferate making it challenging for brands to manage the cross channel targeting, measurement and personalization capabilities that they have today.
  2. Companies are becoming increasingly comfortable with data collaboration by seeing the benefit of increasing value of their respective first party data.
  3. Privacy compliant data collaboration, enabled by data clean rooms has emerged as the vehicle to access decentralized data to fuel insights, measurement and targeting.

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Derek Baker US Martech, Media & Adtech Leader PwC
Tousanna Durgan Head of Solution Engineering Habu
Haylee Adkins Head of Customer Solutions Engineering LinkedIn
Milo Blanco Data Technology & Partner Connectivity Manager PepsiCo

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Track  Data & Decisions