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Difficulty managing ad frequency, lack of scale and lack of measurement are the top factors inhibiting greater investment into Streaming TV advertising. In digital video, we seemingly have all of the tools to address these challenges and more, but what’s holding back brands from applying solutions? With perspectives from the agency, publisher and the partner side, join Tubi on stage as we address these challenges head on.

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. How to manage frequency across demand sources.
  2. Best Practices for evaluating and applying measurement to streaming investments.
  3. Quantifying scale in a fragmented marketplace.

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Mark Rotblat Chief Revenue Officer Tubi
Jonathan Steuer Strategic Advisor, VideoAmp & Principal, Anonymous Media Research VideoAmp
Mike Treon Programmatic Strategy Lead Camelot Strategic Marketing & Media
Dan Ackerman Vice President of Client Development The Trade Desk
Cynthia Clevenger Vice President, Sales Marketing Tubi

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