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Political advertising leaders from both sides of the aisle will come together to share key lessons from the political advertising trenches for every advertiser to take advantage of as the media landscape continues to fracture across screens, platforms and publishers.

With political ad spend expected to reach a record $9 billion this midterm season, campaigns are leaving no stone unturned in outreach to voters. Or are they?

While traditional TV has always been a go-to marketing vehicle during election cycles, data from one of the most hotly contested races in 2020 showed that 90% of political TV ads served during the last critical month of the election reached the same 55% of voters.

New data out in September confirmed the migration of voters away from traditional linear TV, with a majority of voters now reporting they no longer have a cable subscription. View Less

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. How campaigns are shifting TV budgets away from linear.
  2. Key insights for reaching younger voters across every screen and platform they use today.
  3. How to optimize campaign strategies for maximum engagement and minimal waste.

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Ashwin Navin CEO and Co-Founder Samba TV
Zac Moffatt CEO Targeted Victory
Mark Jablonowski Managing Partner & CTO DSPolitical, an Optimal Company
Melissa Kurstin Managing Director Mid-Atlantic & Southeast MiQ
Marty Swant Senior Reporter, Marketing & Technology Digiday

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