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This presentation will describe the cultural environment and creative inspirations that led to the creation of the brand’s award-winning new logo system and modern visual identity, centered on the concept of “Black Canvas.”

BET and Sibling Rivalry will highlight the creative process, from concept to completion, and some of the surprising challenges and solutions that came along the way.

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. Spatial Awareness: A deep dive into Sibling and BET’s strategic thinking behind the requirement to deliver a rebrand that creates space for Black culture to be seen, felt and heard, and consequently amplifies the brand’s purpose.
  2. Modern Refresh: Visual cues that signal the brand inviting in the modern-day consumer and create meaningful brand engagement.
  3. A Mixed Collaboration: A look at what happens when creatives across different backgrounds come together to collaborate, influence and impact success.

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Joe Wright Co-Founder/Chief Creative Officer Sibling Rivalry
Kimberly Evans Paige EVP & Chief Marketing Officer BET

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