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The path to mature retail media will first take a willingness to listen — to commit to a deeper understanding of brands’ retail media goals and challenges. It also will take smarter collaboration to get where brands want to go.
Roundel, Target’s retail media network, wanted to understand better what advertisers need to evolve their retail media strategies. Learn the insights from Forrester's research.

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  1. Retail media spend is booming, as retail media investments benefit brands, retailers and consumers.
  2. To take full advantage, brands demand better data access and better partnerships within their organizations and with retailer partners.
  3. The future of retail media is data driven and partnership oriented. Working better together, brands seek to maximize the value of retail media insights to increase ROI, improve campaign performance, and inform their product and pricing strategies.

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Nikhil Lai Senior Analyst Forrester
Matt Drzewicki Vice President, Partner Solutions Group ROUNDEL

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