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Attending industry events can be overwhelming. But what if you could start early with a moment to energize your mind and focus before the busy day begins? Now you can at Advertising Week New York.

Join us each morning at 8:45am in the Delegates Lounge, where meditation teacher Lenore Moritz will take you through a themed program for the week.

We’ll have a new theme each day:

Flow…be more productive
Reaction…how do we choose to engage — or not
Change…let it be
Reframe…see things in a new light

Calm yet energized. Focused and mindful. Productive, creative and happy. Plus, you’ll go into your day with at least one simple tool that you can access anytime.

We’ll use a combination of coaching, meditation and mindfulness and information that will bring fun, ease and freshness to your work and personal life. You don’t need to “believe” in or know anything to join the session, and you don’t need to be a meditator (but it’s fine if you are!) — this is for everyone.

All you have to do is show up, and you will definitely come away with something useful, ready to start your day at AWNewYork.

Booking essential! Click here to come along and join the session. There are limited numbers, so please sign up.

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