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Hear from Pepsi’s Chief Marketing Officer, Todd Kaplan, as he discusses the need to evolve the marketing industry’s playbook for the future. In today’s world, it is crucial for brands to shift their perspective from thinking like an “advertiser” to behaving like a “creator” and building “opt-in” content and experiences to engage with consumers on their own terms.

From building ideas that are “culture first” to reimagining the traditional agency/client models to embracing the power of organic earned and social media, Todd has re-defined what it means to be a brand marketer in the 21st century.

From iconic moments like the Pepsi Super Bowl Halftime Show to award-winning creative work like the brand’s #BetterWithPepsi campaign, Todd has led a range of culture-bending work over the years as he brought Pepsi back into the cultural zeitgeist. He has also successfully established Pepsi as a leading content creator, creating a new model where the brand has produced multi-episodic primetime TV shows, full-length documentaries and music videos.

During this session, Todd will also share educational insights for navigating the evolving creator economy and capitalizing on the value of “phygital” brand experiences, as well as key learnings from Pepsi’s highly successful “Mic Drop Genesis NFT Collection.”

This is a can’t miss session for anyone who wants to create relevance for their brand in an authentic way and get an inside look at the playbook for the next era of marketing.

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Todd Kaplan Chief Marketing Officer, Pepsi PepsiCo

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