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Mutinex are disrupting the marketing ROI status quo.
Discover the platform that’s finally elevating marketing from a cost center to a growth and investment center.
Huge advancements in technology and data science have not made their way into sophisticated marketing econometrics offerings until now.
Learn how Mutinex has directly solved the traditional pain points of marketing leaders and the C-suite to drive robust, predictable outcomes and brand growth improvements of at least 10-15%

Marketers are more overwhelmed with data than ever, but how much is effectively leveraged for customer engagement and brand growth? It’s never been more important to have an aggregated view of marketing investment performance across all channels in real-time to make agile and granular investment and optimization decisions.

Hear how the Mutinex platform allows leaders to simply and easily access an aggregated view of their marketing ROI in real-time across brand and product portfolios and markets. Learn how to quickly optimize and predict performance across all paid, owned and earned channels, powered by the latest sophisticated data science approaches and machine learning.

Learn how major clients such as Samsung, Asahi Group, ING and Mars, are proving the impact of marketing on sales growth and quickly delivering improvements of 10-15%

Discover how Mutinex is helping clients move from fluffy social measures and vanity metrics to the numbers that matter to boards and the C-suite. View Less

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. Discover the latest in marketing ROI measurement, optimization and prediction.
  2. Generate insights in minutes to deliver 10-15% growth improvements for your business.
  3. Build real in-house performance, optimization and prediction capability easily.
  4. Scale capability efficiently across multiple brands, products and markets.
  5. Simply and quickly automate holistic data ingestion for regular model refreshes.

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John Sintras President, US & Multinational Mutinex

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