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The rapid consumer adoption of CTV is well underway. Rather than a nice to have, CTV is now a necessary tool for brands to reach their intended audiences.

In this session, FuboTV will discuss the power of CTV as part of a cross-screen advertising strategy and how to unlock capabilities that transcend far beyond what’s possible on traditional linear TV.

A large-screen viewing experience adjacent to premium content makes CTV a valuable complement to other screens, attracting highly engaged audiences that are fully addressable. Furthermore, the proliferation of cross-device identity solutions is enabling even more synergy between CTV and other mediums. View Less

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. Successfully incorporating CTV into a cross-screen advertising strategy.
  2. The advanced capabilities of CTV in comparison to other advertising mediums.
  3. The role of identity in a cross-device strategy that includes CTV.

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Lynette Kaylor SVP, Advertising Sales FuboTV
Shane McAndrew Chief Data Strategy Officer Mindshare

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