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As the marketing industry moves towards a cookieless, ID-independent future, marketers must find a balance between meeting consumer needs for engaging, contextual experiences and maintaining and honoring consumers' demands for privacy.

Join InMarket Chief Strategy Officer Michael Della Penna as he details the evolution of marketing towards real-time, immersive experiences and shows how brands can leverage solutions to build highly-captivating campaigns to not only meet consumer demand, but also exceed their expectations.

From Apple’s IDFA to third-party cookies, the marketing and advertising industry is undergoing considerable shifts that are impacting marketers’ traditional strategies and tactics. As a result, marketers are innovating, considering new and alternative methods to break through the cluttered environment and deliver engaging advertisements, all while balancing consumer demands for privacy.

Consumers have increasingly gravitated towards apps like Tik Tok and Instagram, spending hours each day getting immersed in engaging content from peers, influencers, and brands. As consumer attention has shifted, marketing investments are starting to follow as marketers test–and consumers demand more immersive experiences.

In this session, InMarket’s Chief Strategy Officer, Michael Della Penna, will highlight how marketers are navigating privacy shifts within the industry and how many are working to exceed consumer expectations by leveraging groundbreaking immersive brand experiences. View Less

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  1. As the marketing and advertising industry shifts, marketers are turning to new and alternative methods by which to engage consumers while also balancing privacy demands.
  2. Platforms like Tik Tok and Instagram, on which consumers spend hours each day, provide marketers with a means to engage consumers with incredibly immersive content.
  3. Marketers are continuing to invest in platforms like TikTok and Instagram, building immersive experiences that not only capture the attention of consumers, but drive brand engagement, purchases and loyalty.

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Michael Della Penna Chief Strategy Officer InMarket

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