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In an industry that is designed to disrupt, programmatic advertising is also challenged with constant changes that are impacting its ability to target and address people. And as advertising technology continues to evolve, media buyers are requesting even more visibility into their programmatic ad buys. Nicole Scaglione, Global VP, OTT & CTV at PubMatic, will discuss CTV and video transparency and how emerging tech, such as content object targeting, is driving this forward.

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. The opportunity behind programmatic CTV advertising for buyers and sellers.
  2. How to empower programmatic monetization strategies while enhancing, not disrupting, the viewer experience.
  3. How advertisers and publishers are solving for transparency in the CTV and video landscape.
  4. How CTV/video buyers and sellers are approaching addressability.
  5. PubMatic original research supporting the rise of content object data signals.

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Matt Scheckner Chairman Advertising Week
Nicole Scaglione VP, OTT and CTV PubMatic

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Event Type Interview

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