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Coffee has been an important part of the Phillips family for more than 40 years. And, during that time, the consumer – as the industry once knew it – has transformed.

Proudly grounded in heritage, Kiss Café has embraced this ever-evolving culture to produce its unique blend of legacy, quality and accessibility.

Join Jason ‘Jadakiss’ Phillips, his father Bob, and his son, Jaewon, as they explore the development of this new and – at the same time, well-storied – family business.

They’ll discuss where and how their respective backgrounds, experiences and understandings help them appeal to the larger coffee community in varying, yet individually tasteful, ways. View Less

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. The changing makeup of the coffee industry – on both sides of the counter.
  2. The importance of understanding communities’ distinct layers and nuances.
  3. The complexity and value of diversity across age, professional and personal background, socioeconomics, education and more.

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Jason "Jadakiss" Phillips Co-Founder, Ambassador Kiss Café
Bob Phillips Co-Founder, The Commander Kiss Café
Jaewon Phillips Co-Founder, The Apprentice Kiss Café
Bianca Reed VP, Global Brand Tracking Material

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