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Traditional and esports (or competitive gaming) are two verticals that have long been compared, not for their similarities so much as their differences.

But, in 2022, the comparative narrative has shifted into how these fields of play and their respective ecosystems — from ratings and valuations, to marketing activations and engagement — are closer than ever.

We’ll take a deeper look at what the major players have learned from and about one another.

We’ll tap into the crossover of talent (that’s athletes and experts) and campaigns driving these verticals forward in similarly successful ways.

And we'll explore what's working, what's lacking and what's next. View Less

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. How traditional and esports are similar and different and where they overlap and diverge.
  2. The opportunities for brands and marketers to show up and show out.
  3. The future of sport as its defined, understood and co-opted.

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Erika Wheless Reporter AdAge
Aaron Williams Former NFL Player
Ari Mark SVP, Head of Partnership Development The Drone Racing League
Brendan Donohue President NBA 2K League

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