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Presented by 3AF (, this session focuses on representation, which matters more today than ever before. As an immigrant woman of color, Sukhi speaks candidly with moderator Nita Song, 3AF board member and President of IW Group, about her journey and experiences through the years and how it helped her to shape, build, create and tell stories of impact, inclusion and culture building. And how a brand’s intentional communications strategy can positively impact the bottom line.

The 3AF is the primary resource when it comes to Asian advertising, Asian marketing, and the power of the Asian American consumer. Through our national summit, webinars, marketing research studies, online resources, video library and our vast network of Asian marketing experts, we are dedicated to helping marketers understand the business case for and how best to reach the critical Asian American consumer segment.

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  1. Cultivating a diverse community benefits women professionally and personally.
  2. How diversity and representation can help create impactful organizational transformation in these times.
  3. Why diverse leadership matters.

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Sukhi Sahni SVP, Head of Enterprise Brand Communications Wells Fargo
Nita Song President IW Group

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