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Supply-side targeting can help programmatic advertisers attain maximum reach, campaign precision and true transparency and allow flexibility to reach the right audiences exactly where they are. Matt Sattel, SVP of Sales and Partnerships at OpenX, sits down with OMD’s Chief Activation Officer Luke Lambert to discuss a variety of programmatic approaches to supply side-targeting.

SSPs now allow buyers to gain more control and visibility through curated inventory packages with value data targeting that drives more efficiencies and stronger performance across display, OLV, mobile and even CTV. Learn directly from experts and agency partners OMD about how they are working with the SSPs to go beyond inventory creation. View Less

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. Understand the unique ways SSPs can drive value through supply side targeting.
  2. Hear directly from agency leaders who have worked with SSPs to drive stronger performance.
  3. Learn how you can apply these same principals to your programmatic campaigns.

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Matt Sattel SVP of Buyer Development OpenX
Luke Lambert Chief Activation Officer OMD

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