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Twitter is the place to connect with what’s happening. When TV shows premiere or major moments happen on screen, people flock to Twitter to talk about it - and brands should not miss out. That’s why E! News and Twitter launched “While You Were Streaming”, a weekly digital-first show diving into the biggest TV releases and most talked-about shows, right on Twitter. Hear from E! News’ Tammy Filler, EVP & Editor-in-Chief about the show’s first season, future plans, and the Smirnoff partnership that brought the series to life.

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  1. The value of connecting with what's happening: How brands can connect to culturally relevant conversations, and the communities within them, to grow their businesses.
  2. How aligning with premium content designed for the Twitter timeline, can be a turnkey solution for brands to connect with audiences and the conversations that matter to them.
  3. Why Twitter’s Content Partnership with E! News (and NBCU) is valuable to brands looking to connect with what’s happening, and what people are talking about — and watching — right now.

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Tammy Filler EVP & Editor-in-Chief E! News
Mike Niesz Senior Entertainment Partner Manager Twitter

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