Wilma Mae Basta

Wilma Mae Basta, originally from Philadelphia, is the mother of two adult children, and daughter of a spiritual teacher and a civil rights leader. Having resided in the UK for almost 30 years, she built a career in film, TV, consumer, and consumer tech PR.

Wilma was inspired to create DRK Beauty Healing after her experience of suffering from severe depression in 2010, which resulted in being admitted to a psychiatric clinic for six weeks. After leaving the clinic, she didn’t know where to find the care and tools she needed as a Black woman. It took years to build her own wellness toolkit, a custom blend of both clinical and spiritual modalities. Over time, it transformed her life and led to the creation of DRK Beauty Healing.

Wilma believes that the most successful paths to mental health and wellness are created by the individual who is supported. When people of color have unfettered access to healing services, tools, and modalities along with structured support, they are empowered to create their own healing journey and ultimately break the shackles of generational and situational trauma.