Vikramjeet Singh

With 17 years of CPG experience across Developing & Developed markets and managing brands and P&L across personal care & food, Vikramjeet Singh is currently heading Marketing at Kraft Heinz Chicago HQ.  Vikram leads iconic brands such as Planters, Kool-Aid, Maxwell House, Jet-Puffed, Jell-O and others with a clear task to transform these legacy brands into creative powerhouses and engage people in a meaningful way.
In his current role, he is focused on contemporizing Planters by taking the brand to the Super Bowl with the ‘Always there in Crunchtime’ campaign & winning the Twitter Bowl on game day. This was followed by a consistent string of mini tentpole events such as Launching Planters Beer (IPA Nut), Planters ‘Save your Nuts’ on Movember and the launch of Planters Sneakers (#Crunchforce1). Combined with work on Kool-Aid, Vikram is helping these brands not only grow topline and strengthen equity but also increase new users to the base who are constantly engaged.