Zoe Zeigler

Zoé Zeigler is a New York-based marketing and advertising leader, whose category experience spans fashion to finance. She’s passionate about helping global companies and brands of all kinds impactfully showcase their unique value in the marketplace. With over a decade in the field, Zoé has managed award-winning campaigns for some of the world's most admired brands—spanning Toyota, Teen Vogue, P&G, Google and more. Currently, she serves as Vice President of Brand & Advertising at Chase where she oversees brand management, creative advertising campaigns and media strategy for the Chase Sapphire travel, dining and lifestyle brand. In addition to her corporate work, Zoé is committed to empowering others in their careers. She co-founded the New York division of ColorComm -- the nation's premier professional organization specifically for women of color across the communications, marketing and media industry -- where she formerly served as executive director.