In this session...

How brands, publishers and platforms work together to support the creation of stories with staying power while attracting new audiences.

Endless feeds filled with outrageous headlines and hot takes are the norm today. And no one wins - not the publishers, audiences, or content creators - yet the system is set up to reward it. We'll look at the dynamics shaping content creation and distribution today and reveal new ways for publishers and brands to resurface and repurpose their high-quality, evergreen content for new audiences.

Presented by: Carolyn O'Hara, Editorial at Pocket, Part of the Firefox Family

Panel Discussion: Publisher, Content Creator and Brand Marketers interviewed by Joe Tuckman, Head of Sales at Pocket View Less

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. -New opportunities for Publishers and Brands to repurpose high-quality content for new audiences
  2. -Fixing a broken system of content distribution and creation - resurfacing worthy stories
  3. -Incenting Publishers and Brands to create and support stories of substance that stand the test of time.

Presented with


Noah Rosenberg Founder, CEO & EIC Narratively
Carolyn O'Hara Editorial Manager Pocket
Joseph Tuckman Head of Sales Pocket
Anna Holmes SVP First Look Media
Jeremy Cohen VP, Head of Global Content Partnerships at Publicis Groupe Publicis Media

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Event Type Seminar

Track  Future of Content