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Did you know that only 27% of workers have access to 8+ weeks of maternity leave? Paternity leave is even more scarce, with only 15% of male workers receiving 8+ weeks. Meet The List, a group of 31 industry thought leaders who have committed to improving corporate family leave policies in 2019. Hear how they're applying the lessons they’ve learned at their own companies—from Pinterest to PepsiCo—to prove that better family leave is actually better for business.

If you could change one thing about the advertising industry, what would it be? This year, Ad Age partnered with Facebook to pose this question to 31 industry thought leaders—from Pinterest to PepsiCo—and challenged them to spend the rest of the year working on it. The inadequacies of corporate family leave policies quickly emerged as the group's priority issue, and research completed by one of The List member companies, Morning Consult, proved that better family leave policies can improve employee retention rates, interest from millennial talent and even worker productivity. View Less

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  1. A framework for why better family leave is actually better for business
  2. Unpacking why family leave is such a hot button issue for millennials in 2019
  3. How to approach your HR department to talk about equitable family leave policies


Meredith Guerriero US Head of Partnerships Pinterest
Mike Rothman CEO Fatherly
Thai Randolph GM and EVP Kevin Hart's Laugh Out Loud Network
Dia Simms President Combs Enterprises
John Dioso Studio 30 Editor Ad Age

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