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If creative drives nearly 50% of ad effectiveness, then ensuring you leverage the best possible creative is obviously paramount. In-flight campaign optimization is, of course, fundamental. But if you’re a marketer looking to truly maximize your spend, why wouldn’t you ensure that your ad creative is optimized before it even goes out the door?

In the audio world, arguably the hottest market right now, leaders from Pandora to Visa to Megaphone are making pre-market creative analysis a staple of how they buy and sell. Why? Because they know how starting every campaign with evidence of the most resonant creative -- and how a platform-based solution brings that evidence quickly -- means the smartest possible spending across the entire flight.
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  1. How to leverage pre-market creative testing for Full-Flight optimization
  2. How machine Listening and Learning leads to smarter, faster decisions about audio
  3. Creative is rolling up key metrics (from purchase intent to emotional attributes) into one simple score gives marketers the most comprehensive, actionable insight into the value of their ad creative

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Scott Simonelli CEO and Founder Veritonic

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Track  Future of Data