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Marketing and advertising for THC brands are here to stay. The passing of the Farm Bill in 2018 has accelerated the already growing market for hemp-derived CBD, providing great opportunities but is coupled with interesting challenges that other CPG brands don't face.

Advertising and marketing to eager new and experienced cannabis consumers, especially in underserved segments such as women, can benefit greatly from creativity—but many mainstream approaches can encounter unique challenges due to cannabis industry restrictions. Since cannabis laws can vary across city, state, and national levels, brands must stay vigilant and employ innovative ways to remain compliant while still marketing in ways that resonate with their target audiences. View Less

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  1. Advertising and marketing challenges facing the cannabis industry
  2. How to overcome resistance in the marketplace
  3. Best practices and top creative campaigns
  4. Cannabis and Women

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Stephen Murphy Founder & Executive Director Prohibition Partners
Owen Reader CEO Indelible
Sam Collins CMO Bhang Corporation
Allison Statter CEO Blended Strategy Group
Rosie Mattio Founder & CEO Mattio Communications

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Track  Cannabusiness