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Creating true business impact through the strategic use of music. From strategy to creative, music went from being in the background to leading the charge in making brands culturally relevant and helping them capture their audiences' attention.

In this panel, industry executives from the Brand and Advertising sectors will have an open discussion about the importance of music in today’s branding/advertising landscape. Do’s and Don’ts, best practices, battle-scars, success stories, and how music is the secret to making your brand stand out in a sea of noise. View Less

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. Music is one of the best ways to connect with consumers and become culturally relevant
  2. Music has always been important in advertising, but the lack of attention span in todays day makes it a priority for brands
  3. It's easier work with music now than in the past due to the changing landscape of both the Ad & Music industries
  4. The top performing brands have music strategy and execution figured out
  5. Humanity's connection to music is scientific - from evolution to cognitive, the affect of music on us is undeniable

Presented with


Eric Johnson SVP & Executive Integrated Music Producer McCann NYC
Chris Clark Director of Music Leo Burnett
Theresa Notartomaso Executive Music Producer Y&R NY
Salo Sterental Co-Founder SoStereo
Emma Quigley Head Of Music & Entertainment PepsiCo
Rachel Rauch Music Producer Publicis

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