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Is the ad tech industry relying on transparency changes? This panel of industry leaders will discuss how agencies and advertisers are proactively advocating for greater clarity within programmatic, and reciprocally, how publishers are responding. What was acceptable only twelve months ago is no longer meeting the demands of advertisers and consumers today. This conversation will address the growing need for a more transparent and open set of industry standards, with trust at the center.

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. Fee Transparency
  2. Supply Path
  3. Data / Measurement Transparency
  4. What the next 12 months holds

Presented with


Vijay Rao VP, Head of Platform Sales & Strategy Verizon Media
David Markel VP, Enterprise Strategy Publicis Media
Paolo Provinciali Head of US Media Anheuser Busch
Luke Lambert Head of Programmatic OMD USA
Dan Callahan VP, Audience and Automated Sale Fox Corporation
Lauren Silva VP, Global Programmatic Partnerships CBS Interactive

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Event Type Seminar

Track  AdTech