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People don’t just experience culture, they participate in it. What music you listen to, where you eat, where you travel, what brands you like – all of this is influenced by the world around us. In many ways, Instagram is how we experience culture and the world today. It’s where we observe, share, and tell our stories. Brands have always been a part of the cultural conversation, but it’s now especially true on Instagram, where Stories are changing the way we inspire and connect our audiences.

From lighthearted trends to important cultural moments, Jim Squires, Instagram’s VP of Media and Business, sits down with businesses and creators to discuss how Instagram is the place for them to tell stories that are influenced by (and influences) culture. View Less

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  1. Understand how Stories is changing modern storytelling
  2. Why Culture is a conversation
  3. Learn how the best creators and brands are tapping into culture and leveraging the Stories format

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Jim Squires Global VP of Business & Media for Instagram Facebook
Cleo Wade Poet, Artist & Best-selling Author
Randy Goldberg Co-founder & Chief Brand Officer Bombas
Amy Avery Chief Intelligence Officer Droga5

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