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In today's retail environment, it may seem that only the digitally strong will survive, but online upstarts are proving physical retail is still part of a well-rounded customer experience. As they step into channels like brick and mortar and wholesale, these brands aim to deliver a holistic customer experience to their already digitally-connected following. In an ever-evolving landscape, DTC brands are reinventing the consumer journey, experimenting with customer service and retail concepts, both physically and digitally.

Consumers are more influential than ever before and digitally native brands have found success by tailoring their retail strategy and building their brand around customer’s needs, behaviors and preferences. Retail - whether it be owned or wholesale - is more than just transactional, it can aid to the overall research and analysis of customer behavior, as well as offering a tangible connection to touch and feel. During this session, you’ll hear from industry leaders at Rhone, Bombas, Dagne Dover and Koio on how they approach their customer service and are able to sustain that edge, iterate and remain at the top of their game. From opening stores at Hudson Yards to unique pop-ins and experiential events, these brands have complemented their ecommerce business to interact with customers in a meaningful way, better understanding what’s important to them. View Less

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  1. How to create deep personal connections with your customers, regardless of the platform
  2. The power of DTC isn’t just online – it can translate to in-store
  3. Retail is not just about sales, it’s about touch, insights, and ultimately loyalty
  4. The importance of tailored retail strategies to meet changing consumer needs
  5. The need to have unique and interactive physical experiences as a basic part of a consumer’s journey with a brand
  6. What the future of retail will look like and how to get ahead of it


Nate Checketts Co-Founder & CEO Rhone
Johannes Quodt Co-Founder & CEO Koio
David Heath Co-Founder & CEO Bombas
Melissa Mash CEO & Co-Founder Dagne Dover
Shareen Pathak Managing Director, Editorial Products Digiday

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Event Type Seminar

Track  Retail