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Thirty years ago, NCC Media, rebranded today as Ampersand, showed the TV world the power of working together, unifying the fragmented cable TV ad market and helping MVPDs cooperate to drive success for all. Now, with the increasing complexity of the advanced TV ecosystem, it's time to do the same thing again. Join us to learn how Ampersand is putting this plan into action and our vision for the next stage in TV's, and Ampersand's, ongoing evolution.

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. Kick off the day’s Future of TV track with news on how Ampersand is evolving!
  2. Hear first-hand what Ampersand is doing to bring all sides of TV advertising together, to deliver on the future of TV.
  3. Find out what steps are being taken to address current-day challenges and opportunities for all TV players - whether a programmer, distributor, advertiser, or data partner.

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Nicolle Pangis CEO Ampersand

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Event Type Discover Talk

Track  Future of TV