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Betches Media is more than an Instagram account—its a social first multi-platform media company that works with both established and new brands to tap into their audience of highly-engaged and self-aware millennials via custom advertising campaigns. Brands trying to attract millennials? Groundbreaking.

As millennials graduate college and their drinking habits mature, Franzia decided to do something different by showing consumers there was more to Franz than slapping the bag, and that boxed wine could remain a go-to. Naturally, Franzia partnered with Betches Media to develop robust, custom content that authentically and successfully engaged the target audience (what, like it's hard?). Hear from The Wine Group CMO, Jeff Dubiel, Betches Media VP Brand Partnerships, Shoshannah Cutler and Mekanism's Media Director, Carrie Dino, as they discuss how two lit Millennial's favorite brands are keeping consumers entertained and loyal Franzia Fans. View Less

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  1. Millennial Marketing
  2. New Media
  3. Social First Partnerships

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Carrie Dino Media Director Mekanism
Jeff Dubiel CMO The Wine Group
Shoshannah Cutler VP Brand Partnerships Betches Media

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