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The convergence of TV and digital represents a monumental shift in the advertising ecosystem. At the center of this convergence is how advertisers identify, measure and understand households and consumers across the full array of addressable digital channels, including linear television, connected TV, digital and social.

But premium TV and video are very different from the remnant display inventory where programmatic advertising started. To maximize the opportunity of convergence, both media sellers and buyers need to embrace new technologies, converged measurement strategies, and break down the silo walls which have historically separated TV investment from digital trading. Consumers have converged their experience, moving seamlessly from screen to screen; if you haven’t converged your own data and operations, you can’t build a better consumer journey to more effectively reach them. View Less

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  1. Convergence is here; but traditional programmatic strategies can’t solve the problem
  2. Don’t make TV more like programmatic, make programmatic a bit more like TV
  3. It’s not just about thinking differently, it’s about getting your organization to operate differently
  4. Good news: getting started is easier than you think

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Philip Smolin Chief Strategy Officer Amobee

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