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Latest forecasts show that ad spend on Connected TV services will exceed $42 billion by 2023, setting the stage for a new fraud battleground as bad actors chase these marketing investments. Next generation threats such as those on CTV require next generation technologies to ensure ad messaging is delivered to real people in the intended environments.
Join the CEO of IAS, Lisa Utzschneider, NBCU, Verizon, and Turner to discuss how marketers can outsmart these emerging threats.

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  1. The responsibility supply sources have to ensure they are not providing fraudsters a platform to defraud buyers
  2. The future of industry measurement as digital and television converge
  3. Why partnerships are essential to build scalable solutions in new environments, such as Connected TV.

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Lisa Utzschneider Chief Executive Officer IAS
Amit Chaturvedi EVP Revenue Operations and Product Management, Warner Media Turner
Chris Paul Executive Director Verizon
Michael Reidy Senior Vice President, Digital Ad Sales NBCU

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Track  Future of TV