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Come listen to a candid conversation between President of Media & Marketing Innovation, at STX Entertainment, Amy Elkins, and CEO of Ampersand, Nicolle Pangis, on the road to becoming an audience first marketer, and what their companies are doing to break new ground with data and TV first insights.

Here, Amy and Nicolle will conduct a two-way interview where they go beyond the everyday data discussion. In this off-the-cuff dialogue they’ll discuss why it takes more than just the data itself; covering strategic visions, how to assemble the right talent and build organizational structure, and why creativity with a dash of boundary-pushing goes a long way. View Less

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. What does the road to becoming a true audience first TV marketer look like?
  2. Hear what innovative tactics are being deployed by one marketer and the recent results to back them up.
  3. Hear from two women leaders on how they’re making bold moves in their organizations to support growth, innovation and talent.

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Amy Elkins President of Media and Marketing Innovation STX Entertainment
Nicolle Pangis CEO Ampersand

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Event Type Seminar

Track  Future of TV