Gareb Shamus

Gareb Shamus, CEO of ACE Universe is building the largest community of Superhero fans around the world. Gareb is a world-renowned authority on Superheroes and started and produced the largest Comic Con tour for over twenty years. He started Wizard and published many of the leading award-winning magazines about Superheroes across movies, TV, toys, games, animation and comic books, selling over 100 million copies in 75 countries, in dozens of languages.

Gareb is credited with leading the charge to make the Geeks and Nerds into the “Cool” people.

Gareb Shamus is a professional contemporary artist, who’s paintings are currently on display in galleries in Los Angeles, Toronto and New York City. His paintings are noted for breaking the ‘3rd wall’ with their three-dimensional textures and use of a proprietary painting technique designed to provoke conversation by reaching out to the viewer.