Tracy YoungLincoln

Tracy YoungLincoln has never said no to challenge. And while she doesn’t always know what she’s getting herself into, she never doubts that it will be different, exciting and — best of all — potentially game changing. It’s this avidity to up-end the mundane that has fueled her success as a patent-winning leader in the digital analytics space.

Described by her peers as an architect of change, Tracy has reimagined and constructed new types of teams, practices and solutions wherever she’s worked. Reflected in every solution, methodology and invention she introduces is a passion for using the art and science of data to solve consumer and business problems.

At Moxie, an Atlanta-based marketing agency, Tracy serves as executive vice president of intelligence, a new practice that reaches beyond the traditional arena of data and analytics to understand the deep connection between human behavior and brand performance. Through intelligence, Tracy and her team help Moxie’s clients translate these insights into self-evolving, profit-elevating marketing solutions.

Prior to Moxie, Tracy worked at 22squared, UPS and with other Fortune 100 brands.