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Today’s media buying landscape is rapidly changing, and the shift from demo-based to audience-based buying is at the forefront of this evolution. Whether an advertiser is looking to reach a travel enthusiast, a first-time car buyer, or a luxury shopper, advanced buying offers new possibilities to deliver the right message to the right audience. Founded by a group of publishers in 2017, OpenAP is the industry’s first cross-publisher solution to identify audiences seamlessly across member networks.

Join us for a conversation with Fox, Turner, Viacom and NBC to hear to hear how OpenAP is changing the game and the media industry.
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  1. How marketers and advertisers can better identify audiences across various networks
  2. The evolution of the media-buying landscape with audience-based buying
  3. How to deliver the right message to the right audience

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Jeanine Poggi Media Reporter Advertising Age
Dan Aversano Senior Vice President of Ad Innovation and Programmatic Solutions for Turner Ignite  Turner
Denise Colella Senior Vice President, Advanced Advertising Products & Strategy NBCUniversal
Bryson Gordon Executive Vice President, Advanced Advertising Viacom
Noah Levine Senior Vice President, Advertising Data & Technology Solutions Fox Networks Group

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