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With ad budgets shifting to mobile, marketers are looking for unique ways to break through to consumers. But what types of ads are best suited for the mobile screen?
Kargo partnered with MediaScience to evaluate the effectiveness of nine different mobile ad formats within the mobile web environment. Join Ryan McConville, president, Kargo as he uncovers which formats excel on mobile devices and how marketers can take advantage of understanding how consumers respond to a wide variety of ad unit formats.

The objective of the study was to identify which mobile ad formats produce the strongest brand impact via survey metrics such as awareness and likeability, along with an understanding of how consumers implicitly react to ads by measuring eye tracking and biometrics. The study was conducted with participants in MediaScience’s media labs across New York, Chicago, and Austin. A mixed experimental design was setup so that each participant was randomly exposed to five different brands and ad formats within predetermined editorial content. View Less

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  1. Understand why some mobile ads are more effective than others
  2. Implement best practices to optimize mobile ad content, formats and creative
  3. Make informed decisions to maximize mobile Return on Ad Spend (ROAS)

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Ryan McConville President and Chief Operating Officer Kargo

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