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Customers expect brands to “know me better, help me faster, delight me everywhere.” For brands to meet this high bar, they need to deliver personalized experiences across channels, in real-time. That means marketers must find and activate the best insights their data contains. In this panel session, you’ll hear from leading marketers who use cloud technology to bring their data together under one roof and get more value from it.

Learn how to tackle common use cases -- like measuring better across channels, predicting business outcomes, and tailoring campaigns -- so you can supercharge your marketing. View Less

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. Make better decisions about your traditional and digital advertising
  2. Give your business a competitive edge with analytics
  3. Free up time you spend on manual analytics tasks

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Michelle Kraemer Global Strategy Lead, Google Cloud Google
Jesse Laskaris Head of Data & Marketing Technology Samsung Electronics America
Ken McDonald General Manager, Teams Line of Business TeamSnap
Robert McLaughlin Head of Digital Decisioning & Analytics Sky UK
Darren Zap Sr. Digital Marketing Manager Office Depot

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