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Agencies have all too often operated in silos, with TV and digital being planned and placed independently. The results of this are often mixed because the data and assumptions that drove those campaigns just weren’t accurate.

See how easy it has become to plan cross-screen campaigns with the right data, so we as an industry can break down those silos and deliver the accuracy and transparency that clients demand.

Advertisers and agencies have to balance the desire for results with the desire for transparency, as well as ensure that their clients have all bases covered — from TV to digital to social. Often they must choose their biggest priority, at the expense of other needs. Fortunately, they don’t have to make this tough decision anymore.

a4 President Paul Haddad will lead an informative panel discussion with industry brand leaders and innovators to explain the new ways marketers can utilize data in a multi-screen world to create simpler and more effective campaigns. He will discuss how data, automation and simplicity come together to provide the most effective advertising solution possible in today’s complex media climate.
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What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. Learn how agencies are breaking down the silos between TV and digital for better and more holistic results
  2. Discover how technology is shaping how campaigns are planned and executed
  3. Learn how more accurate targeting capabilities drive greater results than basic modeling
  4. See how real data helps advertisers connect with their target audience in a way that personas or assumptions cannot

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Donnie Williams Chief Digital Officer Horizon Media
Paul Haddad President a4 Media
Jonathan Adams Executive Director & Managing Partner Wavemaker
Julian Zilberbrand EVP of Audience Science Viacom

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