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Brands are searching for new ways to foster direct relationships with their audience at a time when those relationships are increasingly under threat from large tech and ecommerce platforms. A select group of forward-thinking brands are tackling that challenge with performance advertising that yields an opportunity to engage directly with the consumer. PCH SVP & GM Digital, Mark Cullinane, convenes an expert panel of brands to discuss practical strategies for reclaiming a direct connection with their customers.

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  1. Faced with new realities, brands need more than ever to establish direct relationships with their customers.
  2. In this new environment, brands must pay special attention to what sort of content directly engages their customers and keeps them engaged.
  3. The digital-savvy consumer of the future will expect brands to offer experiences that are not merely transactional, but relational.

Presented with


Mark Cullinane SVP & GM Digital Publishers Clearing House
Nobles Crawford Content Strategy Manager, Media & Digital – Hygiene and Home Reckitt Benckiser
Krista DiBerardino EVP Marketing Integration & Activation SpinMaster
Allie Donovan Director of CRM & Retention Boxed
Christy Kazlo Data Strategy & Activation ConAgra

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