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While cryptocurrency has been stealing the spotlight, it is really the underlying blockchain technology and “smart contracts” that have the most transformative potential for enterprises. From payments to supplychain, Fortune 50 brands are quietly deploying pilots and investing in the future. Join Bonin Bough, award-winning marketer & co-host of CNBC’s Cleveland Hustle, in this roundtable with key players from major agencies leading the charge of blockchain innovation and see when brands will be ready to invest billions

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  1. How is blockchain going to reshape the advertising industry and agencies?
  2. Meet all the top agencies that have committed to advancing advertising using blockchain technology.
  3. Prediction of $1B in decentralized advertising by 2020, is it a realistic goal?

Presented with


Babs Rangaiah Executive Partner, Global Marketing iX IBM
Bonin Bough Chief Growth Officer Bonin Ventures
Matt Minoff Chief Digital Officer Meredith Corporation
Tim Ringel CEO Reprise, IPG
Jonathan Steuer CRO Omnicom Media Group

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