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AdTech has a big transparency problem. Advertising in general has many problems. Social media, while still the cool kid at the party, is beginning to look like a belligerent teenager. We’re an industry that has quickly awoken from a digital dream and all is not well with the world. But it’s ok, because Blockchain.

The promise, potential and general hype around the Blockchain suggests that we will be saved, mostly from ourselves, as it will eliminate transparency issues, data discrepancies and solve the biggest issue of our time, knowing which half of our advertising dollars you are flushing down the toilet.

Sound familiar? The Internet, mobile, social and everything that has existed up until this point have failed to deliver on similar promises and so why will the Blockchain be different?

In this session we will explore the merits of the Blockchain, it’s potential impact and effect on ad-tech, but we will also challenge the idea that it is a silver bullet solution, either today or in the long term.

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. Meet some of the celebrities working on blockchain today.
  2. How is blockchain advancing the music and entertainment industry?
  3. How is blockchain connecting brands to consumers of music and entertainment?


Danielle Sabrina Founder Tribe Builder Media
Toby Daniels Executive Director Social Media Week
Alanna Gombert CEO Digital Asset Trade Association

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