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In a world where there is a power hose of data and insights, how has that allowed marketers to be brave and challenge conventions to drive business growth? Have data and insights enabled marketers to take creative risks, bust pre-conceived myths and lead change?

Marketing is the engine of growth for business. But ‘old rules’ no longer apply – the media landscape has changed, and the people we market to have new expectations. With access to data, insight and technology marketers are now in a position to be able to change the conversation and thinking inside their own organization.

Join us as we talk to three leading marketers from different industries who will share their experiences from when they got it right and importantly when they got it wrong and how they overcame their failures and turned them into a success.
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What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. There’s no excuse not to be brave and change the playbook.
  2. The qualities needed of a marketing leader, regardless of industry, to lead change and bring people on the journey
  3. How do you change the conversation so that marketing is seen as an investment leading to business growth.

Presented with


Gemma Greaves Chief Executive The Marketing Society
Kristi Argyilan Senior Vice President, Media and Guest Engagement Target
Manjiry Tamhane Global CEO Gain Theory
Jason Chebib VP Consumer Planning Diageo
Suzanne Cole Executive Vice President, Media Universal Pictures

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