In this session...

A focus on the strategies companies are using to drive revenue growth, via advertising & beyond. Specifically:
• Innovation priorities for advertising products: What are companies doing to create a better ad experience?
• New sources of user monetization: How are publishers migrating to new/non-ad supported revenue streams?
• Role of 1st party data, personalization & privacy: How are business models adapting to drive personalization while also acknowledging user concerns regarding privacy and regulations like GDPR?

Digitization has permanently reshaped the global entertainment and media (E&M) ecosystem. Content has become more immersive and available on demand. Digital platforms have proliferated, creating more direct and personalized distribution. The competition for user engagement and spending has never been more brutal. All these developments have significantly disrupted the flow of E&M revenues, and how platforms and publishers monetize user engagement.

For publishers and platforms, profitable growth increasingly depends on an often fluid portfolio of bets on businesses and products that extend beyond traditional sources of monetization. This is especially true for media businesses that have grown up with a digital advertising-centric revenue model. Traditional sources of advertising and subscription revenues are drying up, and the largest digital platforms are absorbing much of the digital advertising growth. View Less

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. Advertising innovation priorities and the strategies being pursued to drive digital advertising growth
  2. Revenue diversification initiatives and the capabilities required to support them
  3. Real-world approaches to balancing targeting with privacy concerns

Presented with


Kristina Bennin Technology, Media and Telecom Director PwC's Strategy&
Danielle Lee Global Vice President, Partner Solutions Spotify
Sara Okin Livengood Vice President of Product Refinery29
Jann Schwartz Global Director, Market Development LinkedIn
Jeff Turner Head of Ad Product for RED The Washington Post

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