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These are extraordinary times. Americans feel fed up, fired up, left out, checked out. How do leading brands think about responding to fast-changing cultural currents and engaging directly with sweeping social movements? Given the pitfalls, when does it make sense to take a stand and pick up the megaphone, stick to “safe” issues, or stay out of it altogether? This panel brings together a diverse range of executives who've been asking hard questions about the role of companies as agents of change.

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. Attendees will hear different approaches that brands take when deciding to take a stand on hot issues of the day.
  2. Attendees will learn concrete examples of how brands have developed both proactive and reactive strategies for taking a stand.
  3. Attendees will come away with ideas for how their own brands can become more active participants in driving social change.

Presented with


Amy Randall Co-Head of Social Impact and EVP of Marketing and Communications Propper Daley
Nate Hurst Chief Sustainability and Social Impact Officer HP
Ramon Jimenez SVP of Insights and Strategy, MTV/VH1/Logo Viacom
Kerry Steib Director of Social Impact Spotify

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