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Join us to hear from top brands and agencies who are using Google Cloud and its powerful machine learning to unlock the best insights from their data and supercharge their marketing.

People have more touchpoints with your business than ever before, which creates a wealth of information for you to act on. However, this data is spread across different parts of your company, so it’s hard to get a complete view of customers. In fact, only 13% of organizations feel confident that they're making the most of their available customer data*. Cloud solutions let you bring your data under one roof so you can better analyze and activate it.

*Forbes Insights, 2018 View Less

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  1. To win with customers, deliver relevant experiences across every touchpoint
  2. Data silos are holding you back -- learn how to break them down
  3. Use Cloud solutions to unlock the full power of your data

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Miguel Angel Campo-Rembado Senior Vice President, Data Science & Analytics 20th Century Fox Film
Michelle Kraemer Global Strategy Lead, Google Cloud Google
Esfand Pourmand Senior Vice President of Revenue Hearst Newspapers

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