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Taking risks can be hard, especially for brands that strive to make every marketing dollar count. And in a world where every dollar is precious, are marketers supposed to focus on short-term sales or building a brand? But even in times where budgets are tight, organizations can all benefit from opening up to new ideas, whether it’s a new way to reach buyers, media channel or campaign measurement approach.

In this session, join two leaders at Kraft Heinz as they reveal how a data-driven approach that has allowed the brand to be both cost-effective open to taking risks. Backed by chronicle of their time working with big brands including Kraft Mac and Cheese, Oscar Mayer hot dogs and the iconic Heinz ketchup, they will disclose actionable advice on how to really test, learn and reap the rewards. Because now more than ever, effective marketing takes its a pinch of creativity, curiosity and a healthy does of courage.


Catherine Roe Sr. Direct Client Partnerships Oracle Data Cloud
Magen Hanrahan VP of Media and Marketing Services Kraft Heinz Company
Michelle St. Jacques Head of U.S. Brand and R&D The Kraft Heinz Company

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